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The Straight Shotz Putter (Patent number 11617924) was introduced at the Golfest 2020 Expo at Tampa Bay Downs on Saturday February 22 and Sunday the 23rd.The Straight Shotz Putter is like no other putter. The Straight Shotz Putter slides smoothly on the green and you putt with one hand similar to rolling a bowling ball. You will have increased accuracy and you will make more putts in a round of Golf than ever before.

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The Straight Shotz Putter is placed flat on the green thereby helping steadying a Disabled or any unsteady Golfer. The Golfer looks straight at the Cup The putter slides smoothly on the green. The Golfer slides the putter back and then forward to Stroke the ball straight forward on the line to the Cup.

"We're not trying to make a putter for the Pro Tour. We're trying to help Average Golfers make short putts, more longer putts and less three putts. We're trying to help Disabled Golfers and help players with the Yips! , and in general help average players improve their putting. Making more putts will increase players enjoyment of the game and bring more players to the Golf Course."

You have to stand sideways to the ball to hit your drives or any fairway metal or iron shots...You do not have to stand sideways to the Ball and the Cup to Putt...You stand behind the ball and slide the Straight Shotz Putter on the green and stroke the putter with one hand Straight at the Cup...You are looking straight down the putter shaft and looking straight at the Cup and you hit it straight forward...not sideways...

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Professional Reviews

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Simplify your putting game with this revolutionary putter.

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Eddie Lohr Testimonial Photo

Eddie Lohr

I was given a Prototype of the Straight Shotz Putter and asked to use the putter in my Golf Game with my friends. I practiced with the putter and immediately could make short putts that I often used to miss. On the golf course I knew I was hitting the putts right where I was aiming. I now make about twice as many putts as I used to make.

Jonathan Brisbane Testimonial Photo

Jonathan Brisbane

Speed and direction are two critical factors that determine the success of a putt. Direction is greatly influenced (85%) by where the putter face is pointed at contact with the ball. Path of the stroke is responsible for 15% directionally. The straightshotz putter makes correct aiming of the face, at the target, simple as the player is positioned behind the ball and on the intended line of the putt. Huge! Maintaining accurate face direction throughout the stroke is the most difficult, and critical, aspect of putting due to the natural arcing of a traditional style stroke. Resulting in an unreliable method for striking the ball consistently on the planned line. The linear, non-arcing, stroke manner used with the straightshotz putter virtually eliminates misdirected putts. Straightshotz putters make starting the ball on line uncomplicated and effortless. If you're a golfer that struggles with putting, or just looking to make more putts, this putter is the answer

Kevin Michael Testimonial Photo

Kevin Michael

The Straight Shotz Putter has brought me back to the game. What used to be the most frustrating aspect is now the most rewarding as those putts inside of 10' just keep dropping in the cup. I carry that enthusiasm to the next tee-box and have broken 100 every single round I've used it starting with the FIRST TIME! Putting has become many times have you heard that?