The Straight Shotz Putter

A New Way to Putt

  • Product Information
  • 41 inches long
  • weighs 1 pound and 1 ounce
  • The head is 4.5" Wide x 4.25" Long

The Straight Shotz Putter will retail for $259.00.

As an introductory special, you can purchase the Straight Shotz Putter directly from our Website for $199.00.

The Straight Shotz Putter is placed flat on the green thereby helping steadying a Disabled or any unsteady Golfer. The Golfer looks straight at the Cup The putter slides smoothly on the green. The Golfer slides the putter back and then forward to Stroke the ball straight forward on the line to the Cup.

USGA submittal statement

The USGA team tested Straight Shotz. They said they liked the putter and that it was much easier to putt with. They said they were able to allow certain players to use it if they wanted to. But, they said that as of now it is "Non-Conforming" because of the "Shaft Angle Rule." They said that I could come meet with them and make my case with them. I spoke to the person who manages "Golf Equipment Review and Acceptance" about how Straight Shotz would help Disabled Players, Players with the Yipps, and Players in general who find putting too difficult and therefore quit golf. We discussed bring more players to Golf and returning players with the Yipps back to golf. We have sold hundreds of Straight Shotz Putters and "Everyone who purchased one says they have taken 4, 5 or even more shots off their round of golf. I want to sell several thousands of our putter before I go appeal our case with the USGA. It is my belief that the Straight Shotz Putter will eventually be approved.

The Patent Pending Straight Shotz Putter was introduced at the Golfest 2020 Expo at Tampa Bay Downs on Saturday February 22 and Sunday the 23rd. The Straight Shotz Putter is like no other putter.

"We're not trying to make a putter for the Pro Tour. We're trying to help Average Golfers make short putts, more longer putts and less three putts. We're trying to help Disabled Golfers and help players with the Yips! , and in general help average players improve their putting. Making more putts will increase players enjoyment of the game and bring more players to the Golf Course."

The Straight Shotz Putter will improve your putting skill. You will make far more short putts in the three to six foot range. If you can read the line Straight Shotz will definitely help you make any length putt.

You look straight down the line on the Straight Shotz Putter and slide the Putter to "Stroke" the ball straight down that line to the cup. No more looking down at the ball and then turning you head to look at the hole, over and over to try to see your line. You're behind the putter looking straight down the line you are going to Putt.

The Straight Shotz Putter will allow disabled, wheelchaired, one armed or unsteady Golfers Access to the Sport they Love. The Straight Shotz Putter was introduced at Golfest 2020 and you can now purchase The Straight Shotz Putter directly from our website.

Get Yours Today for only $199.00