The Man Behind The Putter

Hello all you Golfers out there. I'm Patrick J Feheley and I am the inventor of the Patent Pending Straight Shotz Putter. I am a Florida Certified General Contractor and a retired US Government Contracting Officer/Construction Project Manager. Along the way, I've been a halfway decent golfer for 65 years. I sort of invented this putter playing golf 30 years ago. I missed a 2-foot birdie putt and on the next hole, I left a 40-foot birdie putt 2 feet short. I walked up to the putt and just taped it frontwards into the hole with the toe of my putter. One of my friends said "You should putt that, way" and, I said to myself, "Someone should make that putter." Well, it took me 30 years to finally build it. Unfortunately, over the 65 years, I've now missed 1,000 or so 2-foot putts and I decided to try to do something about that. I built several hands made Prototypes, putted on my indoor practice green and at the golf course. I soon decided the putter would slide nicely on the practice green and even help steady me. I realized that this putter would really help all disabled golfers, older golfers, guys like me with the Yipps and in general all players. I am now deadly on everything from four feet and in, make 8 out of 10 six-footers, over half from ten feet and much better on long-range with very few three-putts. Straight Shotz is a great putter and I'm confident we will sell many thousands. Try the Straight Shotz Putter and you won't be sorry.

The Straight Shotz Putter Creator